Waiting Room

Spread a little cheer with your new digital waiting room.
Live place in queue updates for your patients while they wait.

Your patient arrives and front desk checks-in the patient as usual. 

Step 1 - Check in

How Waiting Room Works

Step 2 - Message

Step 3 - Live Position

An SMS or app notification is sent to the patients. 

The message will link patients to a page where they can see their live position in the queue for their doctor. 

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"There are 5 patients ahead of you" 

Nobody likes waiting, especially when they’re sick. That’s why patients love Waiting Room, a HealthEngine feature where they can instantly see how many patients are ahead of them to see their doctor. Switch on Waiting Room to reduce wait time anxiety and front desk questions today.

Activate Waiting Room

Easy, Private, and Secure

No personal health information is shared on Waiting Room. We simply use a PMS integration to calculate a patient’s position in the queue for their doctor. 

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When you activate Waiting Room, it will be available to patients who have booked an appointment at your practice.

When those patients arrive and are marked as ‘Checked In’ in the PMS, HealthEngine sends an SMS or App notification to welcome the patient to the practice with a link to follow their live place in the queue.

If the patient clicks the link, they can see how many patients are ahead of them to see their doctor, until their appointment is over.

How does Waiting Room work?

Frequently Asked Questions

How is the queue position calculated?

We use the PMS integration, along with the check-in and check-out flags to determine how many patients are in front of the patient using the feature.

It’s important that the Front Desk staff use the ‘checked in’ and ‘checked out’ flags for Waiting Room to function. (i.e. if you activate Waiting Room, but never ‘check-in’ your patients, it won’t work).

Is it sent to all patients?

Yes! Waiting Room notifications are sent to ALL patients, not just those who booked online via HealthEngine.

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